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Dates and Deadlines

GIA holds classes year-round. There are no application deadlines. You can begin most Distance Education programs immediately after you enroll and receive your materials. You may choose Lab classes from year-round schedules.

Enrollment Form Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 and Payment Options

To enroll the course, please fill in the enrollment form and submit a copy of Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport for registration.

Enroll by fax

Send the appropriate application by fax to (852) 2334-0567.

Enroll by mail

Mail the appropriate to GIA Hong Kong. Enclose payment for either the down payment/application fee or full cash price that applies to your course or class. Refer to your specific application for amounts and instructions.

Pay by check or money order

You may pay via cashier's check drawn on Hong Kong local banks or personal check drawn on Hong Kong local banks. Make check payable to "GIA Hong Kong Ltd."

Pay by wire transfer

Wire transfers are accepted with fax, phone and mail enrollments. All wire fees need to be paid by the applicants.


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