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Held in the highest esteem all over the world, GIA On Campus programs attract students from every corner of the globe. From the moment you set foot on campus, you are immersed in a diverse cultural environment that directly mirrors the global nature of this industry. Look around. These are the students you'll sit next to in lecture and partner up with in the laboratory. Eventually you'll form lifelong friendships that transcend both gemology and geography. Today our graduates fill key positions at Tiffany & Co., Christie's, Sotheby's and other well known local jeweler. The world is your job market. Where will you choose to work!

Integrating Education with Experience

Our intensive class curriculum is designed for rapid skill development. No matter what career path you choose, each program lets you choose, each program lets you practice and perfect your skills under a watchful eye of a trained professional. In fact, in our Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) you will work closely with your instructor and classmates on actual stones. You'll test and identify hundreds of stones, including some unusual and challenging ones. Bottom line: through extensive practice in a lab-like setting, you develop the ability to take what you learn today and put it to use tomorrow.


When you study on campus in Hong Kong, it takes you only 6 months to acquire the skills and recognition of a fully qualified professional. With the benefit of limited class size and personalized instruction, G.G. students quickly develop highly valued technical skills in diamond grading and gem identification. In as little as 26 weeks, you graduate with one of the industry's most prestigious designations - either the Graduate Gemologist (G.G.). And then you are qualified to take your place among those who proudly belong to the tradition of the world's foremost authority in gemology™ - GIA.


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