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There is a whole new way to learn at GIA: eLearning – the next breakthrough in studying gemology. Click here for an e-learning demo.

Since everything is online, you can sign up, and start your learning right away. You don't have to wait on books and materials to arrive.

All Distance Education will now be handled directly by our headquarters in California. Please visit GIA's main website for more information.


Through GIA Distance Education you're given the same important information by having the Institute's acclaimed course material delivered straight to your door or desktop, you learn without ever having to sit in a classroom. You earn industry-wide recognition as a trained gem and jewelry professional in the convenience of your home or office.


With Distance Education, you are in total control of when, where, and how you study. You can choose to receive and complete course lessons on paper and send them to GIA for grading. Or if you prefer to read and complete assignments on screen instead of on paper, GIA's online courses and Virtual Campus are the solution. Your classroom is wherever there's an Internet connection, and your grades are posted immediately.


Go as quickly as you like. Practically all Distance Education courses are self-paced. However, if you prefer to work within a set schedule, our Distance Education program at night leads you through the materials in a short period of time.

Student Support - Your instructor is just a phone call away

As a Distance Education student, you receive the same important information as an on campus student - and the same commitment to quality education. GIA's Distance Education instructors are available to give you quick and convenient help with your assignments over the telephone or via e-mail. Their enthusiasm and genuine love of gemology and the jewelry business is contagious. By offering positive and constructive feedback, they see you through every step of the way.

Programs = Distance Education + Lab Classes

Each Diploma Program is made up of different Distance Education and Lab Classes:


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