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Diamond Grading
Related Diploma program(s): Graduate Diamonds Program, Graduate Gemologist Program(GG)

Discover how to judge and grade clarity, and cut quality factors of round brilliant diamonds. Through our unque combination of hands-on training, one-on-one coaching, and integrated multimedia presentations, you learn to grade diamonds consistently and accurately using a modern gem microscope and jeweler's loupe. Become proficient in GIA's Diamond Grading System. Discover time-saving shortcuts to determine a variety of grading factors. Learn to read a GIA Laboratory Diamond Grading Report. Recognize the most common diamond features, and spend more than 18 hours practicing grading techniques on diamonds that have been carefully selected and graded in the GIA laboratory.

Class duration: 5 days or 12 nights (35 hours)
What you earn: Letter of Completion

Gem Identification
Related Diploma program(s): Graduate Colored Stones Program, Graduate Gemologist Program(GG)

During this lab class, you'll practice the same effective testing procedures and identification skills used by the Institute's renowned gemological experts. Gain confidence using the tools of the trade: a microscope, refractometer, polariscope, dichroscope, spectroscope, and loupe. And use that full range of standard gem testing instruments to identify natural gemstones, imitations, and synthetics. In demonstrations and hands-on practice, you see and tes the materials found in todays's market. Your instrutors carefully explain key tests and coach you in quick, effective testing procedures.

Class duration: 5 days or 12 nights (35 hours)
What you earn: Letter of Completion

Colored Stone Grading
Related Diploma program(s): Graduate Colored Stones Program, Graduate Gemologist Program(GG)

Through extensive hands-on practice using gemstones provided by GIA, develop skills in grading the color, clarity, and cut quality factors of a wide range of colored stones. Learn GIA's Colored Stones Grading System and how to describe color in terms of hue, tone, and saturation. Judge clarity and cut quality factors with professional insight. Increase the consistency and accuracy of your colored stone grading skills. Learn about the relationship between light and color. Develop your color memory.

Class duration: 3 days (21 hours)
What you earn: Letter of Completion

Pearl Grading
Related Diploma program(s): Graduate Pearls Program

Discover how the world's foremost experts instantly determine the quality of Akoya, freshwater, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls. Learn GIA's 7 Pearl Value Factors™ by training with a member of the Institute's internationally respected team of instrustors. In this hand-on class, learn how to evaluate cultured pearls, with the view of increasing sales and promoting the relationship of beauty, value, and quality in your merchandise.

Class duration: 1 days or 2 nights (7 hours)
What you earn: Letter of Completion

Quick Design

Convert ideas into sales by learning professional design presentation techniques. Through personalized step-by-step instruction, you learn to communication designs effectively with bench jewelers, colleagues, and customers. Make realistic presentations with colored pencils and paint. This class is ideal even if you have little or no sketching experience.

Class duration: 12 nights
What you earn: Letter of Completion

CAD/CAM Matrix® for Jewelry

Use breakthrough 3-D technology software to view your designs from every angle while they're still on the drawing board. In 10 days, learn how to use computer-aided-design(CAD) to quickly produce amazingly precise 3-D models. Learn how to visual 3-D jewelry designs in a 2-D environment. Practice desigining jewelry pieces such as rings and pendants right on screen where modifications can be made in seconds. Discover how using CAD software can virtually eliminate the expensive "trial and error" stage of design and manufacturing. Learn valuable knowledge that allows you to go from concept to finished 3-D models, and dramatically reduce your time to market.

Discover the ease and time-efficiency of a 3-D CAD software program designed specifically for the jewelry industry. Through automated builder menus, you can pre-calculate dimensions and have designs generated automatically right before your eyes. You learn how programmed specification can create custom designs in less time than you ever thought possible. No more calculating or measuring. Have fun experimenting with designs. Start with a bezel, add a ring, channel set stones, and render it in eye-catching realism to create one-of-a kind model.

Class duration: On Campus: 7 weeks
What you earn: GIA CAD/CAM Matrix® for Jewelry Certificate


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