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Jewelry Design

Find out what it takes to make custom jewelry. In eight to nine weeks, you'll have the creative and technical skills you need to begin your career as a jewelry designer. And, you'll have a portfolio of your work to show prospective employers-and clients. Understand jewelry design theory and acquire a working knowledge of jewelry artistry.

What You Learn

Be able to illustrate the shape, form, and texture of metal. Learn how to work with drafting tools. Learn how to render yellow and while metals, as well as a range of faceted and cabochon gemstones and pearls. Illustrate rings in five different views. And discover how to keep design ideas flowing.

Program Highlights

  • Illustrate shape and form of metal
  • Learn how drafting tools simplify the job
  • Adapt textures to jewelry surfaces
  • Learn how to render yellow and white metals and a range of faceted and cabochon gemstones and pearls rich in color
  • Illustrate rings in five different views
  • Design jewelry for both men and women
  • Learn how to use your time efficiently in completing job assignments
  • Learn how to keep your design ideas flowing
  • How to use watercolor paint to create professional renderings of your designs and present them effectively

About This Class

Step-by-step, you'll learn to sketch and illustrate gems, metals and jewelry through extensive practice and expert coaching from your instructor. At the end of the class, students are required to display completed and framed projects before invited guests.


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