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Graduate Diamonds Program

Diamonds are the heart of the jewelry industry. They account for over half of all jewelry sales. Success in diamonds means success in the jewelry industry.

But there are pitfalls. Misjudge a clarity grade, mistake of a synthetic stone for a natural, or misread a diamond grading report, and you're out of the game before you ever got it.

Acquire the technical expertise you need to grade, buy and sell diamonds with the insight of a seasoned jewelry professional. Learn GIA's diamond grading procedures. Assess the color, clarity, cut and carat weight of diamonds. Determine proportions, create plotting diagrams, and examine diamonds professionally.

Past GIA graduates have gone on to pursue career as:

  • Diamond Buyer
  • Jewelry Business Owner
  • Jewelry Buyer
  • Lab and Research Professional
  • Auction House Jewelry Specialist
  • Retailer
  • Diamond Manufacturer

Program Highlights

  • Learn how the 4Cs(color, clarity, cut, carat weight) affect diamond value
  • Learn to use gemological instrument designed to help you grade and identify gemstones
  • Learn to detect synthetics and treatments
  • Work with diamond simulants
  • Learn how to detect fracture-filled diamonds
  • Use the 4Cs to promote diamond value
  • Learn how to promote the best-selling types of diamond jewelry
  • Analyze table, crown, pavilion, and total depth percentage


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