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Graduate Colored Stones Program

Colored stones have a special allure. And although everyone talks of the "big three", there's a lot more to today's colored stone market than rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. There are beautiful, desirable gemstones you might not know, can't pronounce, and couldn't identify. In GIA's Colored Stones Diploma program you'll learn how to identify these gems, detect their treatments, and how to grade them. Using GIA's Colored Stone Grading System, you'll discover how to judge a stone's color, clarity, and quality. But this program goes beyond color and into economics of supply and demand. It's here where you also learn the gemology, product knowledge, to build successful career in the exciting world of jewelry and gemstones.

Complete this program and you will no longer take color at face value. You'll look at a stone's source and supply just as closely as you do its hue and saturation. We'll take you on virtual journey to the corners of the world. After that, you're ready to make the trip a reality.

Learn how to grade and identify both the common and unusual gemstones found in today's marketplace. Learn how to use standard gemological equipment to distinguish between natural, treated, and synthetic gemstones.

Past GIA graduates have gone on to pursue career as:

  • Colored Stone Buyer
  • Jewelry Business Owner
  • Jewelry Buyer
  • Lab and Research Professional
  • Auction House Jewelry Specialist
  • Retailer

Program Highlights

  • Use gemological instrument designed to help you identify and color-grade gemstones
  • Practice identifying common and unusual gemstones
  • Learn to buy and sell colored stones professionally and profitably
  • Find our how external market factors affect value
  • Learn how wholesalers, gem cutters, and miners, judge and market colored stones
  • Learn how to relate quality, rarity, and color to value

Distance Education students:

To complete the Gem Identification Course, you can complete your assignments in GIA's Student Workroom. For complete Student Workroom activities, hours, and fees, please contact our office.


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